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Welcome to the Sustainable Oneness Spiritual Alliance: We are visionaries aligned in oneness for the upliftment of humanity.
Our mission is to growing a planetary grid of oneness!
We are a world service organization with a passion for modeling the very nature of oneness in all facets of life on the planet. When all are aligned in heart and working in co-creation with the divine essence that guides us, miracles are bound to occur.
The 32 Global Light Center Mission
Our path of service is to entrain to unconditional love, which is felt as a deep sense of inner peace, gratitude and great joyousness, as we work together in oneness. It is our hearts’ desire to anchor these higher frequencies into the earthen plane to build a new earth grid. This frequency serves as a catalyst for shifting into higher states of awareness.

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This is your space to get plugged into community. We are so happy that you have arrived. Join a group, share your thoughts and jump into the conversation.

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New Community Portal

It's official! Center for Planetary Awakening founders Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson have launched the 32 Centers Community Portal. The Portal is a place for world servers, visionaries and cultural creatives to receive support, form teams and engage in global activations through meditations and intentional vision circles for building a global grid of oneness. The Portal is for building fully sustainable communities that embody oneness as a way of life. To learn more, click here:…

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Sustainable Oneness Spiritual Alliance is a faith-based charitable organization.