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We are One.

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Visionaries, working together as one, are Creating a new Earth harmonic of Oneness.

We are a community of visionaries who work together for the upliftment of of all beings and all realms, anchoring new paradigm practices, and building communities that model oneness as a way of life.

If you have been holding the vision of community where sharing your innermost heart's desire with others and building a new paradigm of what it means to be in community, then consider joining us. The Sustainable Oneness Spiritual Alliance has been formed for expressly that purpose. Our mission is to build a global grid of oneness and then to anchor communities of light, all working as one, for the upliftment of all.

The 32 Centers Alliance is a place for learning, growing, and expanding your consciousness as we practice a form of spiritual activism that shifts us away from programs of separation and anchors a new planetary grid of oneness into being.

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Join Heart-centered Community for  embodying Oneness and for growing communities.

We are One.

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Teams move about the global  opening stargates, activating inter-dimensional ley lines, anchoring rods of light that form balancing and stabilizing forces for growing commu itie soft light by deeply listening to what is ours to do. And joyfully so!!

SPIRITUAL ACTIVISM. This community is one of healers, intuitives, visionaries and innovators, individuals who understand that the worl will shift by building a new vibrational field of resonance, where all beings and all realms of light are fully honored.

Visioning and Sacred Circle leader SHIP. Join together to selflessly serve their communities. If you hold a desire for support and connection, and are looking to come together as a team for anchoring light and growing community, check out the events once you get inside the community portal.

We work with the inter-dimensional ley lines of the earth as we are guided by the Star Elders that guide us. We are the ground crew, and ours is to deeply listened through the heart-soul connection.

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Join Your Tribe
in all the years I have been serving, the one thing my light brothers and sisters tell me is that they are lacking their light tribe, people, like themselves, who are awakened to the Truth and have made a commitment to live that Truth.
This community is focused on the amplification of the purity of heart, and selfless service. Is this yours to do?
Shine Your Light
You are not alone. The founders and the 32GLC Alliance team members offer support, coaching,, skill-building, webcasts, and other peer-to-peer opportunities to learn, grow and expand your heart, embolden your confidence in your intuitive nature, and healing abilities. Innovators are honored, and world servers are at the very core of who and what we are as a community.
Activate the Grid
Spiritual activism takes on a very different meaning when working with the Star Elders and Arch Angels. We are guided by the very forces of nature that govern this planet and know that we are embodied versions of God incarnate as we allow ourselves to be guided as the ground crew for what is possible when the heart of who we are is fully engaged in deep listening to what is ours to do.

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