THE ALLIANCE'S MISSION is for honoring of the essence of who we are—individual expressions of God’s love and grace. We recognize that the eternal self, I Am Presence, discerns Truth through the humility of a pure heart, and expresses through Direct Knowing, which is what deepens our faith and fills us with gratitude. Direct Knowing flows forth when the I Am Presence merges with the Divine and is experienced as timeless wisdom and expressed as revelation. We honor the inner voice within us, and allow the frequency of divine love to integrate into our awareness and permeate our consciousness through the infusion of Light. 

The guiding light for this Alliance is found in our Sacred Covenant, a Code of Conduct, writings by the Founders and Council, mission statement, curriculum, and 32 Centers of Light plan. All provisions herein are declared to be subject to our Sacred Covenant and Code of Conduct for the purpose of forwarding the work of the Alliance. 

In summary, we honor all as individual expressions of the Divine, as inextricably connected and inseparable from the very source of creation. We welcome individuals from all walks of life, all faiths and from every sector of society into this Alliance who honor our core values and adhere to our Code of Conduct. Oneness is found in wisdom teachings threaded throughout indigenous cultures, spiritual communities, and the majority of world religions, and is universally accepted among congregations, churches, spiritual circles, and fellowships throughout the world.


The purpose and mission of SUSTAINABLE ONENESS SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE is to practice our faith, provide sacred space for healing and transformation to occur, honoring the unique inner voice of each individual in the context of universal oneness, for liberating the human spirit; grow a spiritual network of world servers and leaders who align with our mission; and establish 32 Light Centers for the embodiment of Oneness as a way of life. We are fulfilling our purpose by 

  1. gathering in sacred circle, meditating, sharing, guiding, modeling, and teaching spiritual principles and oneness practices; 
  2. encouraging trust in the individual divine expression through Direct Knowing as an essential and valued contribution to shared revelation and wisdom in spiritual community; 
  3. inspiring healing and transformational practices for liberating the human spirit; 
  4. identifying, mentoring and training spiritual leaders, practitioners, curriculum facilitators, innovators, and staff in principles and practices that forward the work of the Alliance; 
  5. establishing Centers of Light in energetically significant locations, on every major continent, all working together as one, for growing a unified planetary grid of higher consciousness; and 
  6. engaging in all other activities, projects, installations of support systems necessary for the fulfillment of our purpose.

SOSA under the guidance of the founders will train spiritual leaders and others to uphold and administer organizational activities, spiritual principles and oneness practices. This will be accomplished by all means available, including seminars, online trainings, live experiential events, books and manuals, group and personal consultations. Centers of Light, staff and spiritual leaders may be both chosen, elected and appointed by the Directors of the Alliance.

Following our Heart deepens our knowing of God’s love and grace, especially as we choose to embody Oneness. This shared faith inspires us toward greater expressions of joyousness and selfless service to humanity, and in turn, to build spiritual Light Centers that model our faith and, in kind, inspire the growth of surrounding communities to embrace Oneness as a way of life. We honor Truth that is felt in the realm of the timeless eternal self, I Am Presence, and experienced as direct knowing, sensing, seeing, and hearing the soul’s expression through the inner stirrings of the heart are experienced through purity of heart with humility and shared as higher consciousness, which is spoken as revelation. 

Our alignment with Truth is what unites us, Direct Knowing is what guides us to speak to the heart of who we are, and aligned action, as a collective force of Love, is what liberates the human spirit from perceptions and beliefs of separation. The embodiment of Oneness inspires us to grow and sustain a planetary grid of higher consciousness that honors all. By putting the basic tenets of our faith into practice, we commit to aligning our thoughts, words and deeds with actions that most honor the knowing of God’s love and grace; and with great compassion for all beings, manifest this higher state of being in all that we are called to do.


We believe that Oneness is encompassing and honoring of all. We believe that every person has the ability to receive direct knowing and express through purity of heart. Each person is to be fully honored as a divine expression of Love and treated with compassion, kindness, respect and dignity. We abide by our sacred covenant and allow for Love to express through us as aligned action. Our Code of Conduct that works toward the harmonization of the collective higher will as it is recognized and fully honored by each individual. This code of conduct was created by the founding members in January 2010, and is stated as follows:

 Our spiritual path of service is to entrain to unconditional love, which is felt as a deep sense of inner peace, gratitude and great joyousness as we honor Self and others.  It is our hearts’ desire to anchor these higher ideals into our lives and to build a sustainable alliance of oneness throughout the world. 

Our Sacred Covenant comprises seven (7) core values and serve as the foundational principles for aligning with right action: Purity of Heart, Direct Knowing, Compassion, Honoring, Aligned Action, Allowing, and Humility. These values are further defined in the list below. Each member of the Alliance pledges to uphold these.

We also recognize that each individual is in a different level of understanding on the continuum of embodying the core values of Purity of Heart, Direct Knowing, Compassion, Honoring, Aligned Action, Allowing, and Humility. Therefore, similar to trying to decipher the distinct differences in the colors of a rainbow, these values are fluid and offer us a continuum of learning. Therefore, we have also created a Code of Conduct to help us stay focused and grounded in Love. 


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Our Mission

The Center for Planetary Awakening was formed in early 2010. The founders serve as visionholder and gatekeeper for its global project, which is the anchor a new frequency into the planetary grid in the form of 32 Global Light Centers. This alliance represents the expansion of this shared mission delivery.

The founders are joined by a Council, individuals who are aligned with the mission. They provide direction as a harmonized body as facilitated by the visionholder.

In early 2019, we formed Sustainable Oneness Spiritual Alliance and the Global Centers for Planetary Awakening, both nonprofit charitable organizations to grow this global mission. To learn more about SOSA and the Global Centers mission, check out the website and get engaged here in this community.


Carol Fitzpatrick is an empathic intuititive who serves as the visionholder for this global mission. Her prophetic visions and knowings have opened her up to see what is possible when a small group of dedicated embodied ones, beings of light expressing through our humanness, can open and uplift the whole of humanity.

Mark Torgeson
 is a healer, musician and composer who conducts sound healing immersion experiences and concerts with the intention of shifting and transforming consciousness.

The founders are guided by an advisory body called the Council, individuals who have identified this vision and mission as their soul's calling and life's work. Learn more about the Council.