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It's official! Center for Planetary Awakening founders Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson have launched the 32 Centers Community Portal. The Portal is a place for world servers, visionaries and cultural creatives to receive support, form teams and engage in global activations through meditations and intentional vision circles for building a global grid of oneness. The Portal is for building fully sustainable communities that embody oneness as a way of life. To learn more, click here:


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Carol Fitzpatrick, founder, Sustainable Oneness Spiritual Alliance and the Center for Planetary Awakening.

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  • Why 32 centers?

    • The guidance has come that we are anchoring light in 32 energetically significant locations, on every major continent, for the purpose of creating a new earth frequency, a global grid of consciousness, that supports all beings. The frequency we are working with maps back to the 32 Star Tribes with a common frequency that honors all beings everwherel. Thirty-two is also the number given that creates the most stabilized bio-magnetic plasma field for balancing and stabilizing the human energy system as the radical atmospheric changes take place due to the wobble affect of the earth's magnetic north (now underway).

    • Where can I find a list of the 32 locations?  Is Crestone one of them?

    • In 2009, we were given the first 17 of the 32. Here is the list, which also shows what comprises a Center:

      Embodying Purity of Heart for Building a New Earth Grid of Consciousness
      Carol Fitzpatrick - Center for Planetary Awakening - a teaching and community of visionaries aligned in oneness
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