We are not alone on this planet. We are the embodiment of light. We come from the stars. It is time to activate your light body

Join us in New Mexico for a time of  transformational practices as we create a healing chamber with those that have called us back to the land. We'll gather in circle and listen to what is ours to do. 

We are ready!

The Star Elders tell us, " We are here with you. Let there be light that shines from deep within you. This the time of the great merging where all are to recognize that we are truly one. Recognize that which you are, and that which you are becoming. And as you do know that all is truly well."

The very purpose of New Mexico is to serve as a healing chamber, a portal of Light where the body-mind continuum re-calibrates to oneness. Oneness is not a state of mind is a way of being where all are fully honored for who and what we are—light expressing through our shared humanity.

Join us in New Mexico and enjoy a week of activations, (and land walks where you guide will take you to the inner earth openings, where your heart will calibrate to joyousness.

Enjoy the Sacred Circle experience within the context of a Start Chamber where you are held in a deep state of love and appreciation.

Attune to, and discover your soul path as a being of Light

Hear the call to serve in Joy with humility as all are working together in oneness to upshift the frequency of the planetary grid system. All are welcome here.

Sacred ceremonies
Honoring fo the land and one another
Healing waters experience
Hike, walks and more


  • Thursday, June 23: Opening Circle
  • Friday, June 24: Retreat Circle
  • Saturday, June 25: Retreat Circle
  • Sunday, June 26: Retreat Circle, Healing Waters, Meditations on the Land
  • Monday, June 27: Healing Waters, Meditations on the Land
  • Tuesday, June 28: Closing Circle

Eagle Nest is 90-minutes north east of Santa Fe, and 30-minutes east of Taos.

Learn more or to register: https://32centers.org/event-4725429

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